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For divers seeking the luxury of owning an Amphibico underwater housing

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On your next dive, bring fashion, bring cool, bring FUN, bring a TURTLE video housing from Amphibico. Available in six vibrant colors (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Pink), this advantageously priced housing offers you the Amphibico hallmarks of quality, innovation and ergonomic design.

Turtle underwater housing
Made of durable marine grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware, a depth rating of 330 feet, an easy-to-use electronic right grip control with one touch white balance, a digital monitor, permanent fixed front glass and a two year warranty, this ready to dive unit is - by far - the best value on the market today.

In addition, you have the possibility of making a positive impact on the marine ecosystem with the purchase of the Turtle housing. A $50.00 donation, on your behalf, will be sent to SOLO (Save Our Leatherback Operation) to help Dr. Larry McKenna, founder of this non-profit organization, and his team in their tireless efforts to save the majestic Leatherback turtle from the endangered species list and possible extinction.

More information on this worthy cause is available at…………

Large 3.5” Color Digital LCD Viewfinder

The Turtle housing incorporates a large 3.5” Color LCD viewfinder that is located at the rear of the housing with an angle of 10° for enhanced viewing at arm’s length. True High Definition superior video and photo stills are now in your grasp.

Large 3.5” Color LCD Viewfinder

Electronic grip controls at your fingertips

Our Turtle housing with its compact and ergonomic design provides easy to use electronic hand grip controls at your fingertips. These newly designed marine grips have access to all key camcorder functions to create exceptional HD video. They include Record/Standby, Photo Mode, Variable Speed Telephoto, Zoom and White Balance. With nothing left out you are ready to point, shoot and capture the teeming movement of the undewater world. (Electronic Left Hand Grip Control available for those who are left handed)

Electronic grip controls at your fingertips
Electronic wet sensor moisture alarm

Electronic wet sensor moisture alarm

Rest assured that in the event water should find its way past the o-ring seals, there will be an electronic wet sensor moisture alarm that will activate and signaling you to head to the surface.

With a depth rate of 330 ft. (100 m) you can dive deeper while capturing and expanding your underwater video experience!

AmphibicoTurtle housings are not a fits all housing, but specifically configured for select camera models. When ordering from our resellers, be certain to select the model that matches your Sony camcorder and decide what optics best fits your style of filming.

Turtle Features

  • 3.5" Color Monitor Viewfinder at 10° angle.
  • Record/Standby
  • Electronic-One-Touch White Balance (Select models)
  • Variable Zoom Speed
  • Photo (direct to Hard Drive or Memory Stick)
  • Toggle between Manual to Auto Focus Lock
  • Image Mode Change (Camera/Photo)
  • Flashing Green LED Light when Recording
  • Electronic Moisture Sensor Alarm - Flashing Red LED
Turtle Underwater Video Housing


  • Marine Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Fully anodized with a hard coat of polyurethane paint
  • All hardware is marine grade brass and stainless steel
  • 1 auxiliary port

Weight of unit

  • On land 9.1lbs (5.0 Kg) fully loaded w/camera battery
  • 7.8 Ibs - no camera, one grip and no filter or hydrophone
  • In seawater less than 0.5lbs (250 grams) negative buoyancy

3.5” Digital LCD Display

All our Turtle housings now come standard with a newly improved digital LCD display technology to enhance the image quality being viewed underwater. The specifications of the display can be seen below.

  • Resolution: 320 X 3(RGB) X 240
  • Dot Pitch: 0.219 x 0.219 mm
  • Visual Range: 70.08 x 52.56 mm
  • Visual Angle: L/R/U/D60/60/40/60deg
  • Signal System: Parallel RGB system
  • Brightness: 300Cd/m2
  • Consumed Power: 0.539W
Turtle Underwater Video Housing


Measurements includes grip

  • Length 10 5/8" (270 mm)
  • Width 8" (203 mm) with standard one hand grip
  • Width 10.5" (267 mm) with optional second hand grip
  • Height 6.5" (165 mm)
Turtle Underwater Video Housing

Operating depth

  • Each unit is pressure tested to 330ft (100m)

Accessories included

  • Camera Saddle
  • O-ring kit
  • Instruction manual
Turtle Underwater Video Housing

Turtle housing optional accessories can enhance your video experience in the field. If your preference is to have firm control of your housing with both hands then our Left Hand Dummy Grip option is the perfect choice. Should you desire to record the wonderful sounds that can be had underwater, using our sensitive and crystal clear Hydrophone will ensure this. And, if keeping colors corrected the way they appear underwater is important to you then using our easy and hassle free Internal Flip Filter is the way. Whether you choose one or all optional accessories your experience using the Turtle housing will be enhanced!

Left Dummy Grip

Left Dummy Grip

Internal Flip Filter

Internal Flip Filte



Supported Camera Models