Phenom Z7LE
Pro Housing

For the Sony® HVR-Z7U camcorder

Look your best underwater when your Phenom is in your grasp

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The spectacular PHENOM Z7LE, a professional underwater housing designed for the Sony® HVR-Z7U camcorder has once again kept Amphibico on the forefront of innovative underwater technology.

Phenom Z7LE Underwater Video housings

Complete access to your camcorder while filming underwater

The PHENOM boasts a host of features that is certain to pacify the most passionate of underwater video professionals. With a combination of electronic and mechanical controls, this housing gives complete access to your camcorder while filming underwater.

Innovative underwater video technology

Brilliantly designed, the Amphibico development team continues to innovate underwater video technology by allowing access to all must have features, such as white balance, gain, shutter speed, Iris, and manual focus.

Materials of the highest quality

As with all construction of Amphibico housings, the materials used are of the highest quality found anywhere in the industry, from stainless steel hardware, marine grade aluminum to pristine powder coated paint for that sheen look.

Scroll through all the intricate features of your camcorder

In addition to the 14 electronic and 3 mechanical controls, you have the use of your full menu panel to scroll through all the intricate features of your camcorder.

The Phenom comes with ready to use color correction internal flip filter, dual sensitive hydrophones, viewfinder and LCD screen, zoom, focus rings and ballasts as well as trim weights to keep your housing in balance.

Electronic grip controls at your fingertips
Complete access to your camcorder while filming underwater
Phenom Z7LE Underwater Video housings
Electronic wet sensor moisture alarm

Electronic wet sensor moisture alarm

As with all our housings, rest assured that if in the event water should find its way past the o-ring seals, an electronic wet sensor moisture alarm will activate.

With a depth rate of 330 ft. (100 m) you can dive deeper while capturing and expanding your underwater video experience!

Amphibico Phenom Z7LE housing is not a fits for all housing, but has been specifically designed for the Sony HVR-Z7U.

Click here for 360º view of the housing

Optics sold separately

Optics sold separately

The Phenom comes as a standalone housing with optics not included, however, you can select to purchase the correct optics for your personal style of filming. Available are the bayonet-mounted ports, which include flat port, dome port or the ultra 94° wide-angle lens system designed for the Phenom.

Phenom Z7LE Features

  • Designed for professional underwater use
  • 14 Electronic push button controls to access over 25 functions
  • 3 Mechanical push button controls
  • Proportional Manual Focus
  • Proportional Manual Zoom
  • Manual White Balance
  • Manual Iris
  • Manual Gain
  • Manual Shutter Speed
  • Power On/Off
  • VCR Mode (Play, Rewind, F-Forward, Stop, Pause)
  • Index Markers
  • Menu Control Panel
  • Sensitive Dual Hydrophones
Phenom Underwater Video Housing

Ampibi-Grip hand Controls

  • Proportional Manual Focus Wheel
  • Video Lights on/off - for left and right light arms
  • Review
  • Screen Display
  • Index Markers
  • Record/Standby
  • Wide-Angle/Telephoto
  • Proportional variable zoom
  • Manual/Momentary Auto Focus
  • VCR functions
Phenom Underwater Video Housing


  • Water sensor alarm
  • Tally light flashes green while filming
  • 2.5X magnified viewfinder w/adjustable dioptric control
  • Bayonet Mounted Lens System
  • 2 Auxiliary ports
  • Single Flip filter Arm with Blue water color correction filter
  • Two Year Standard Full Warranty

Weight of unit

  • On land 36lbs (16.3 Kg) fully loaded w/camera battery and lens ans lead ballasts.
  • In seawater the Phenom Z7LE is perfectly balanced and neutral in buyancy
Phenom Underwater Video Housing


Measurements includes
lens and grips

  • Length 18.3" (465mm)
  • Width 13.6" (345mm)
  • Height 10.1" (257mm)
Phenom Underwater Video Housing

Operating depth

  • Each unit is pressure tested to 330ft (100m)

Accessories included

  • Camera Saddle
  • Internal flip filter with a 72mm UR Pro Blue Water installed
  • Carry Handle
  • O-ring kit
  • Instruction manual

Having the right tools can make all the difference ! Get more from your Phenom housing with accessories that will enhance your professional experience.

Discovery 10 Arc Light "HID Technology" with adjustable ball joint arm.

Amphibico's Discovery 10 Arc Light will bring life to your underwater videos when diving in those dark or shady areas of the marine underworld. Learn more...

Discovery 10 Arc Light HID Technology with adjustable ball joint arm.

Phenom 94º Wide Angle Dome Port Assembly or 0.55X Wide Angle Lens Assembly or Flat Port Assembly

Achieve astonishing panoramic images when upgrading to the Amphibico 94º Wide Angle Lens system. Fantastic for both underwater or above water use, this lens system will bring a wide new dimension to your videos.

Phenom 94º Wide Angle Dome Port Assembly or  0.55X Wide Angle Lens Assembly or Flat Port Assembly
The ultra wide angle lens will definitely enhance your videos, whether the subject matter is a broad view of a general area or your aim is to get up close and personal with larger subjects. Our lens system allows for the full zoom through capability of your camera. Distortion is virtually minimal with spectacular image quality attained.

4:3" 16:9 High Definition LCD Monitor

Stunningly crisp high definition video is capable of being viewed underwater using the Amphibico High Definition monitor; for above water use as well. With an impressive 4.3" (10.9 cm) widescreen color LCD, you are certain to keep your eye on what matters most and ensure that your subject is within the scope of your video shot.

4:3” 16:9 High Definition LCD Monitor
Definitely, eases the awkwardness that comes from head bobbing from eye to viewfinder and up at your subject, you do not want to chance missing that great shot!

Phenom FXZ7 Tailored Carry Case

For easy travel and protection of your Phenom FXZ7 equipment.

Phenom FXZ7 Tailored Carry Case

Filters and close-up diopters

Amphibico carries diopters and filters for both freshwater and saltwater.

Filters and close-up diopters

Discovery G3 Pro Arc Light Kits

Amphibico's finest professional underwater video light, the Discovery G3 Pro, is a switchable 35/50 watt, 12 Volt HID lamp that will assure that nothing is left unnoticed in those dark moments of the marine underworld.

Discovery G3 Pro Arc Light Kits

Supported Camera Models

SONY® HVR-Z7U camcorder