For Convergent Design’s successful nanoFlash recorder. The nanoSplash can be fitted on
the XD Amphibicam X3

Record video at considerably higher
Bit-Rates and color (4:2:2)

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Amphibico's nanoSplash has been designed to fit Convergent Design's successful nanoFlash recorder.

Professionals can now go underwater and record video at considerably higher Bit-Rates and color (4:2:2). Better quality videos can be produced to articulate the motion image being captured in the stunning underwater world below.

Designed with a robust look and feel, the nanoSplash accesses all the NanoFlash's digital recorders features and is depth rated at Amphibico's standard 330 feet (100 meters).


nanoSplash The nanoSplash can be fitted on the mounting brackets located on the rear of the Amphibico XD Amphibicam X3, which houses the Sony® PMW- EX3 HD Camcorder and can also be custom fit to other housing manufacturers (Please contact us for more information regarding this option)

At a weight of 9.0 lbs it dramatically drops to 2.0 Ibs underwater, ensuring that the user does not get weighed down.

An extra wide window has been designed to allow the full view of the LCD display.

As with all our housings, a reliable wet alarm is incorporated into the system to keep professionals at ease.

nanoSplash Read an in depth overview of the NanoFlash technological capabilities >

Convergent Design NanoFlash Recorder/Player
Not Included

nanoSplash Features


  • Access to all of the nanoFLASH buttons underwater
  • Extra wide window allows the user to view the entire LCD display underwater
  • NanoFLASH unit and rechargeable power pack mounted on a removable holder
  • Access to both flash drives without having to remove the holder when housing is opened
  • Wet alarm indicator
  • 1/2" DIA accessory port
  • EX3 underwater housing mounting brackets included

Weight of unit

  • Weight On Land: 9 lbs
  • Weight Underwater: 2 lbs


  • Length: 11.1"
  • Width: 6.0"